Business-4-Good Summit

December 2018 

Event Description:

This event with lower stakes is suitable for individuals who are just beginning to delve into the world of consulting/business, whilst also allowing them to help shape lasting social impact in businesses that are in need of help. Across a three-week window, students who participate will form groups to come up with ideas/plans to develop/enhance the business model of a small social enterprise (currently unspecified). At the end of the three weeks, each group will give a presentation that summarises their idea/plan to a representative of this enterprise and he/she will select the best group to continue to work with.

Who is this event for and why:

This event is aimed at students who have strong social values and an entrepreneurial mind, and are keen to utilise them to help maximise profit for enterprises that coincide with these values.  Many social enterprises, particular start-ups, struggle to generate revenue and to grow sustainably due to insufficient funding, poor resource management, limited understanding of the market landscape, the lack of a clear direction etc. Furthermore, many are unable to hire consultants that help to analyse the market and/or the internal workings and generate ideas. Hence, this event will be extremely beneficial to them.

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