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UCL DECA, the flagship event of Business Society, is a one-day case study competition where students get the chance to tackle business case studies and are given feedback on their performance by experienced professionals. Beyond this, we help our partners run workshops and seminars for our attendees so they can develop employability skills, commercial awareness, and more. Throughout the event, participants, judges, and exhibitors get ample opportunity to network.


We aim to provide students with an ideal platform to explore and showcase their talents, to apply the knowledge and skills they have learnt at university to solve real-world problems, and to enable students to develop the necessary skills to succeed in their future careers. Our objectives for this year include:

  • Going above and beyond the current standard of DECA

  • Organizing insightful workshops run by our well-respected partners, guests, or experienced students on industry trends, soft skills, and commercial awareness

  • Introducing a variety of competitions, and select our best talents to attend international competitions

  • Forging long-lasting partnerships with other London universities to establish a collaborative extension of UCL DECA 2018.

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